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  • Dr. Huxter is organizing the Ultrafast Photochemistry Session and will be presenting a talk in the Fundamental Photochemistry Session at the 29th International Conference on Photochemistry
  • Congratulations to Grant on graduating with his Masters Degree in Chemistry
  • Congratulations to Anshu for passing his PhD comprehensive exam
  • Alicia will be presenting her work on the dynamics of tripyrrindiones at the Ultrafast Photoinduced Energy and Charge Transfer Faraday Discussion
  • Dr. Huxter is serving as a Program Committee Member for the American Physical Society 4 Corners Meeting
  • Dr. Huxter was featured as a Scialog Fellow in a Research Corporation Ad in the Arizona Daily Star’s special science section for the UA Science Lecture Series 
  • Congratulations to Anshu for passing his qualification exams
  • Congratulations to Alicia for passing her comprehensive exam
  • Dr. Huxter is organizing a focus session at the American Physical Society Meeting in Los Angeles on Coherence and Quantum Aspects of Living Systems
  • Welcome to our new group members Anshu Kumar and Lucas Sanders
  • Dr. Huxter is presenting a Nanoscale Sciences Seminar at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Graduate Student Positions

The Huxter group has openings for highly motivated graduate students who wish to pursue cutting edge research in optical spectroscopy. Current projects include mapping energy dynamics and quantum transport in natural and artificial light harvesting systems, catalytic and charge transfer activity of nanoscale materials among others. We are also developing new techniques that will allow us to push the boundaries of what is currently possible in spectroscopy. If you would like to be a part of these exciting projects, please contact Dr. Huxter