Group Members

Group Members

Primary Investigator

Prof. Vanessa Huxter 

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley and LBNL 
Ph. D., University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
B. Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Carl S. Mavel Laboratories Room 312
Email: vhuxter[at]email[dot]arizona[dot]edu
Phone: (520) 621-2115 






Visiting Scholar

Dr. Liping Lu 

Physics Teacher, Department of Physics, Nanjing Agricultural University
Ph. D., Optical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology
M. Sc., Theoretical Physics, Nanjing Normal University
B. Sc., Physics, Changchun Normal University
Favorite wavelength:
 405 nm

Graduate Students

Alicia Swain

Ph. D. Student, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Arizona
M. Sc., College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
B. Sc., Optical Engineering, Norfolk State University
Favorite wavelength:
 605 nm

Anshu Kumar

Ph. D. Student, Department of Physics, University of Arizona
M. Tech., Physics, IIT Bombay
B. Tech., Physics, IIT Bombay


Favorite wavelength: 

 667 nm



Benjamin Thompson

Ph. D. Student, College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
B. A., Physics, Carleton College


Favorite wavelength:
 777 nm






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